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Di Primio's Physiotherapy And Sports Injury Clinic has been putting people in motion since 1986!

The staff is experienced and knowledgeable. The clinic provides individualized and comprehensive rehabilitation programs through a team approach of Physiotherapists and Physio Assistants. Treatment is provided to maximize your return of function, minimize your pain and resume normal activities of daily living.


Di Primio's Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is committed to the following:

  1. Providing the highest possible quality of service to patients
  2. Providing clinical placements to physiotherapy students attending a recognized University program
  3. Encourage clinical research in the area of Orthopedic rehabilitation


  1. To return the patient to his/her pre-injury state of health, including restoration of their normal activities. This goal will be achieved through the use of physical agents (i.e. heat, ice, T.E.N.S., Laser, Ultrasound, IFC, etc.) mobilizations and/or manipulations, and physical conditioning exercise programs (i.e. stretching and progressive strengthening exercises)
  2. To provide the physiotherapy services on a timely basis and minimize the waiting period between the date of referral and the initiation of treatment. This will be accomplished by eliminating a waiting list.
  3. To provide the highest quality of service to the injured patient. This will be achieved by ensuring the staff is highly qualified in conservative management of soft tissue injuries (including back injuries). As necessary, consultation with appropriate medical personnel may be sought (i.e. physicians, social workers, nutritionists etc.) to facilitate a speedy recovery.
  4. To encourage the patient to actively participate in his/her rehabilitation program. This will be accomplished through patient education to encourage personal management and to take responsibility for their physical conditions.
  5. To make every effort to treat patients with dignity and respect during their period of convalescence. The staff will conduct themselves with the highest standards of integrity towards patients and other staff members.
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